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Indoor playing area for children

Our successful concept of the family hotel accommodation with children is based on the unique children's playroom, which is also like a safety zone. Children's room is located right in the middle of the main hall on the dance floor. Thanks to the moveable construction it is easily removable for weddings or business meetings.


If you happen to have bad weather in Bublava, you can wait out with your children in the main hall, where you can supervise the children in safe zone of the playroom, while enjoying good food and drinks at the table. The whole inside space of the hotel is totally non-smoking and the clean mountain air on the contrary helps children with chronic respiratory problems. Indoor playroom with an inflatable bouncy castle is suitable for 1-10 children ranging in age from 2 to 12 years. The indoor adventure games will be fun for your kids for hours and let the family have deserved rest.