Ball Room of Hotel Restaurant Švejk Special offers

Ball Room of Hotel Restaurant Švejk

The unique hall of the Restaurant Švejk in Bublava, which was established in the area of the former municipal cinema, is an ideal place for concerts, celebrations, bashes, weddings, seminars, workshops or congresses. It has its own audio system, large projection screen, and a stage. In 2012 there was also constructed - in the middle of the dance floor - a secure mobile zone for playing children between 2-12 years old. You can keep your eyes on your dearests from a safe distance of your table while enjoying good food and drinks with your friends.


The staff dressed in contemporary costumes can offer you an excellent old Czech cuisine with many specialties, including recipes taken out of the “grandma’s box”. And this all is set in premises equipped with stylish tavern stools, contemporary design, hand carved motives, stylish glasses, china and cutlery.