Restaurant*** Švejk Bublava

Baby friendly hotel

Restaurant Svejk combines authentic period atmosphere "for the emperor lord" with great food and drink. In an environment with stylish výčepními stolicemi, period stained glass windows, hand carved motifs, stylish drinkware, porcelain and cutlery to take care of you attendants clad in period costumes.


In the menu you will find of course delicious old Czech cuisine with many specialties, including recipes pulled from the "grandma's box". Especially summer sitting in the garden are attracted to the fragrant grilled steaks, burgers and our own smoked delicacies. For a larger group we grill even the whole piglet. Then eat with us but even the lovers of lighter mediterranean dishes and salads, for kids we have food just for their palates.

Commonplace brands Restaurant Švejk is the care about the quality of draft beer and offered to Czech wines. A day with us načepují tens and even hundreds of pints of Hašek's beloved lager Pilsner Urquell.

Boasting a restaurant - big hall

The unique hall of the restaurant Svejk bublava wwtp, which originated from the area of the former municipal theater, is the ideal place for the organisation of concerts, celebrations, corporate banquets, weddings, seminars or training sessions or congresses (more in the Events section on the key). Amenities beautifully decorated multi-function hall includes large-screen projection, a podium or a custom audio system. In the middle of the hall, in the space of the dance floor, it is placed safe mobile children's playroom, which can be in particular the use of the hall at any time to remove and make room for the dancers or other tables.

Events key


~ Soups ~
Meat broth with vegetables and noodles45,-
Honest gulášovka to zauzenou flavors45,-
~ Salads ~
A mixture of salads with goat cheese , dried cranberries , roasted corn , toast139,-
Bean salad, vegetables and fried egg79,-
Choppy salad with parmesan dressing, chicken strips159,-
~ Main dishes ~
Sirloin in cream sauce, bread dumplings139,-
Beef stew slightly spicy, carlsbad and bread dumplings139,-
Pork roulade with spinach, mashed potatoes with caramelized onions199,-
Baked pork belly in ginger, a salad of red cabbage175,-
Pork schnitzel, baked potatoes in herbs and garlic149,-
Chicken fillet in breadcrumbs, parsley puree with chives149,-
Chicken breast in butter, creamy mashed potatoes159,-
Fried cheese, French fries, homemade tartar sauce155,-
Wide noodles with ragout of venison in red wine175,-
Mushroom risotto with parsley pesto159,-
Rabbit leg in sour cream and mustard, black lentils with carrots189,-
~ Desserts ~
Homemade blueberry pie with cottage cheese and sour cream69,-
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream79,-
Cheesecake-fruit dumplings in fruit sauce95,-
~ Meals not only to the beer ~
Potato chips with chili sauce and herb dip49,-
Baked mix of sausage, mustard, vejmrda, pastries85,-
Pickled camembert herbal or spicy, breads79,-
~ Baby food ~
Chicken breast, mashed potatoes79,-
Baby tenderloin, bread dumplings89,-
Pasta with cheese sauce69,-
Fruit dumplings with sauce55,-
French fries, ketchup or tartar sauce35,-
~ Dinner specials ~
Rib eye steak with grilled vegetables and herb butter279,-
Pork roast with garlic and mushrooms, baked potato189,-
Chicken breast with herbs, citrus confit, almond porridge169,-
Duck leg, red cabbage , bread and potato dumplings179,-


Ideal for children
stylish accommodation
The ski area 100 m
ideal location
We organize weddings
Corporate events
Wifi Free
Bicycle tourism
dogs allowed